Salting / Ice Control Services in Delta

Snow Removal offers a number of services to remove the snow from a property and keep it gone for a longer duration. Once you get the snow removed, the snow can again build up in that region with the onset of snowfall.

You cannot keep getting the snow removed every day as it is not economical. This is why we offer salt ice removal services in delta through which the snow once removed from an area can be kept slip-free for a longer duration.

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Snow-build up can cause the entire area to solidify and become hard making it extremely slippery. This is a major safety hazard and can be the reason behind several accidents. Once the snow is removed, you would want the surface to be resistant to slip for a longer duration. You can achieve this with the help of our salting service. During salting, we sprinkle a generous amount of salt for snow removal on a particular area after we remove the snow from there. This way, even the small chunks of snow which are lodged in a surface will melt and snow build-up is controlled for a longer duration.

Ice Control

The ice and snow build-up in a particular region in your property can be severely dangerous if left unattended. This causes an alarming number of accidents in snow prone areas like Delta. In order to reduce the slip and fall cases during the winters in Delta, you would need some proficient ice control services. Sodium chloride and calcium chloride are just two of the many high-quality materials used by us to control the snow and ice build-up in a property region. Book our ice control services now to make your property safe during winters.


To keep the snow build-up at the bare minimum you will need the ice control services.

Salt is known to depreciate the freezing point of water due to which the ice starts melting and this way a surface gets cleared from the build-up of ice.

The charges for the salting service depend on the area of your property which needs the service.

We provide our services 24/7, so no matter when you book the salting service, we will be there at the earliest as we understand that snow and ice build-up can be dangerous.

You can drop by our office or you can call us or email us with your booking query and we will get back to you and guide you through the booking procedure.

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